Baby Dinosaurs

About Us

Baby Dinosaurs launched in July 2018, from an idea I had whilst pregnant with my first daughter. As we all know having a family can be very expensive, so finding a pre-loved market was a must. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything like that around North Lincolnshire or East/South or North Yorkshire. Resulting in paying full price for everything we needed. So when I had my second child 16 months later, I knew it was something that was required for the local communities .

Baby Dinosaurs name represents my two daughters, as they both made tiny little noises while newborns that reminded me of baby dinosaurs.

In June 2018, I then began planning Baby Dinosaurs nearly new, pre-loved quality children’s markets. To encourage families to recycle their unwanted items back into the community and also help local businesses gain sellers and exposure.

Baby Dinosaurs Preloved Children's Markets

As part of the business, I wanted to ensure the heart of the company came down to helping other local families in every way I could. So I decided not only would I help families recycle their unwanted treasures back into the community. I would also contact and arrange meetings with local councils and children’s charities to discuss my idea of giving child related donations to local families who needed a little extra support. To my delight they were incredibly grateful and ensured that the donations would go to good homes.

After every market, stall holders have been extremely generous, which has meant I have created age/gender appropriate bundles and give them to the local professional who then passes them on to grateful families.

I have been lucky enough to meet a few of the families Baby Dinosaurs has helped in person and I was overwhelmed with the joy the bundles gave to them and we will continue to brighten up many more families days.

The aim for Baby Dinosaurs is to continue to be a friendly, welcoming and well organised company. Which strives to be the best place to buy or sell top quality children’s items at fair prices. As well as get bigger & better with time. So we can help even more families. We have been extremely lucky from both buyers & sellers, who have highly recommended us, to be the trusted quality nearly new market across the area. So we will ensure to continue our great work in every way we can.

So far we have had over 3500 buyers & sellers join us at our 13 markets and look forward to welcoming back regular families, business stalls and new stall holders to each market.

Baby Dinosaurs organises large charity events throughout the year, already raising over £7000 so far, Breastfeeding Global Big Latch On Event In Scunthorpe & Doncaster, Easter Egg Appeal (2019 nearly 400 eggs donated) and also arranges a yearly gift appeal at Christmas time for local families who need a little extra support. Christmas 2018, Baby Dinosaurs gave 539 child a present to open on the magical day.