Baby Dinosaurs Selling Tips

Selling Tips To Make Your Day A Success

I have just attended the market in Armthorpe for the first time as a stall holder and all I can say is WOW!
Lisa is super professional and the event was very well publicised, organised and attended.
I personally made just short of £200 selling clothes and toys. I still have lots left so will definitely go to another market..not bad for a few hours preparation and 3 hours at the market and it’s extra pennies to spend on my kids.
It certainly helps to be organised and following Lisa’s tips and advice made a massive difference to me.
Absolutely brilliant idea and what a great way to make some extra cash and to pass on precious items to someone else to love
I love that Lisa gives back to the community with donations etc.
Thanks for having me and see you soon! 

Nikki Taylor



 Selling on via our website during COVID 19

At Baby Dinosaurs we want to help our sellers and buyers as much as we can during this difficult time. We all know that children do not stop growing and needing new things to stimulate their minds. Unfortunately due to Covid 19, we can not host our large quality pre-loved markets. So with this in mind we have created a selling platform for our followers to sell there unwanted items to other local families. This will be done between the seller and buyer, without a middle man. Baby Dinosaurs is purely a platform to bring attention to your items and help you sell them. Our service is for free and we will be sharing items throughout the weekend on our social media sights. We expect all items to be of a high quality, just like our markets, if anything is not acceptable, we will remove it from the website. Items must be nearly new or new. Items with stains, broken or damage must not be sold via our website.  

Below are some selling tips on how to prepare your items, to either sell online or prepare for when our markets are back up and running again. We encourage sellers to think about what price you would like to get for your items. Labelling items is a good way of encouraging customers to look at your stall. If you are unsure about how much to charge for something, look at what it is full price now and come to a figure you feel comfortable with. 

From our experience from our last markets. Stall holders that price their items low and in bundles generally have more success. As it brings buyers to your stall and when your stall looks busy, this attracts even more shoppers, to see what you have to offer. Making you the larger profit in the long run and clearing out more items.


 Tips to sell online

  • Make sure all items are washed and cleaned (including outdoor toys)
  • Presentation is key when selling online. 
  • Ensure you take a clear photo of your item/bundle. Make sure it is clear to see and the background is clear of other items. Having well presented photos, shows buyers, that your items will be the same. 
  • You can display goods in bundles using ribbon or clear sandwich bags and tags. Buyers know what they are looking for, so being prepared is key to selling more 
  • Take more that one photo of each item, using different angles or a photo of the front and back of the item. 

Now its time to upload your items and begin to sell your items. Please be aware that Baby Dinosaurs takes no responsibility for the items being sold or bought. We are purely a platform to help our customers through this difficult time. Please ensure you have social distancing in mind and stay safe. 

Upload you items below 

 Tips for our quality markets 

  • Making posters for large amounts of clothes to go on a rail, is also a good idea ( if you need help, I can print off what you like. Just let me know in plenty of time) However try not to over fill your rails. Having clothes on the rails in age order is also a good way of selling.
  • Display your items clearly and don’t clutter on or around your table, this always welcomes customers to your stall, if they can see what you have. Keep some items underneath your table to fill in gaps.
  • You can display goods in bundles using ribbon or clear sandwich bags and tags. Buyers know what they are looking for, so being prepared is key to selling more. You can display clothing in boxes with signs (labelling bulk buys, however this sometimes puts buyers off as they don’t want to rummage).
  • Have a table cloth on your table, again make your stall more inviting (ensure it’s off the floor, so it’s not a trip hazard) Taking pride in your stall, makes it more appealing to buyers. So using bunting or anything decorative, makes your stall more welcoming.
  • Don’t display any broken or stained items, this puts customer off and they will look else where. Ensure everything you are selling is clean. (Including prams, outside toys).
  • Please bring at least a £10 float.
  • In our experience, sitting down at a stall doesn’t entice customers attention, asking them questions like “what age are they looking for” “is it a girl or a boy” just questions to build relationships with your customers, makes them more comfortable to buy things and invest in your products.
  • Don’t try to sell everything you have in one go, sort out your items and only bring those that suit the current and next season.
  • Washing clothing before the market increased buyers attention as they smell fresh and more attractive.
  • Only sell what you would like to be sold. Baby Dinosaurs has an outstanding reputation for QUALITY ITEMS, so please help us continue our good work and please do not bring anything that does not meet our standards.